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Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Tips For Hiring a Contractor

All of my clients loathe the idea of trying to find a good residential builder. We have all heard the horror stories; it can be a regrettable situation if not approached correctly. However, by knowing your priorities, asking a few direct questions and getting a little education you can clear a path through an otherwise daunting experience.

Start out by knowing yourself and your priorities well. Become familiar with the “golden triangle” of “GOOD-FAST-CHEAP…pick any 2″. It is a hard truth of construction that only two of the three are truly viable options. Often I have seen clients go for the low bid only to tear their hair out later as the realize that the schedule or craft of the project is more important to them. Be honest with yourself; decide which 2 of the 3 are the most important to you and hire a contractor known for delivering those. Having a made a conscious choice, the process, even during the harder times, will flow more easily knowing your priorities are intact.